Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Girls Night Out on the Ice

Tonight I surprised the girls with tickets to Disney On Ice. The show was fantastic. The girls clapped and sang along, and I have to admit I found myself doing the same. Coming to the Disney ice shows has become a yearly tradition for us!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Storms and more storms

     This past week we have had several tornado threats in the area, and luckily we did not experience more than hard rain, some hail and strong winds. No damage in Evansville, but quite a bit in all of the towns surrounding Evansville--even northern Vanderburgh county received some damage. The first day we awoke to the sirens going off outside because of a tornado warning, so we all piled into our bathroom. The second day, today, we were all at school/work. The hardest part during storms, for me, is when Greg, the girls and I are separated. I worry so much about the girls when I am not with them during storms. Hopefully, this was the end of it for us, but considering it is the first week of March, I am sure we are not through all of it yet this spring.

A Little Time Away

     Four nights and three days.  Last weekend, Greg had a football conference in St. Louis.  He was the only coach attending, so he asked me to attend with him.  To most going to a football conference with their husband probably sounds boring, but not to me.  I was ready for a little down time of my own.  It is not often that I get time to myself.  I am not trying to sound selfish, but I need some down time.  It rejuvenates me and makes me a better mother and wife.  Friday morning when Greg left his first sessions of the conference, I stayed curled up in bed and slept until almost 10:30.  When I woke up, I spent the next thirty or so minutes just lying in bed and watching what I wanted to watch on TV.  Yes, "House Hunters"--my addiction.  During Greg's lunch break we enjoyed a very cold walk around downtown and found a fun, old diner. After lunch, we attended beer school at Anheuser-Busch.  Greg and I several years ago had taken the tour of the brewery, so this time we opted to only do the beer school.  If anyone needs help with learning to pour their beer or what foods to pair with certain beers, Greg and I are now Honorary Brewmaster and can assist you.  We even have the certificate to prove it.  After lunch and our beer school, Greg had to get back for his next sessions.  I made sure I used my time wisely--I napped.  Later that evening, we went to a bar on the very top floor of the hotel called 360.  The bar had a great view of the city; however, a bit to classy for Greg and I.  Saturday I made sure to get a little shopping in and am very proud to say I spent very little but did enjoy the day. 
     The girls spent the entire weekend with Aunt Crystal, Uncle Aaron and the boys.  Alicynn and Faith were angels, and I have been told they did not even fight one time over the weekend.  Now, if I can only figure out the magic spell Crystal must have placed on them, it may be a bit quieter around our house.  Knowing the girls were in great hands and behaving made Greg's and my weekend that much better.  The two of us came home refreshed and ready for the busy week ahead of us. 

Monday, February 20, 2012

Been A Long Time

A year and a half later, and I decided to begin blogging again. Looking back, I wish I would have kept up with my blogging as it would be great to go back and read all of my posts as my two beautiful girls grew.  Alicynn and Faith each day continue to grow into two beautiful young ladies. 

Each girl is very different.  Alicynn is very musically inclined and in January competed in her first competition called ISMA (Indiana State Music Association); she earned a gold medal. Alicynn would not let Greg or I sit in the room when she performed because we make her nervous; I do not really blame her either as I would be nervous if my parents would have listened to me singing as I was being judged.  We were so very proud of her.  She sang "Amazing Grace." 

Faith loves playing sports and of course is very competitive.  Last summer she was on a "travel" softball team.  I use the word "travel" loosely as one weekend we traveled to Santa Claus (45 minutes away), Henderson (15 minutes), Newburgh (15 minutes) and the Evansville area.  She loved it and met many new girls in which she is really good friends with now.  Usually she played in the catcher position.  She did a great job and took several beatings as the equipment did not fit her very well, but considering her size, it fit her the best it ever would.

Greg is still working at E.I. Sports, and I am still teaching at Memorial.  Our lives are very busy, but we have worked really hard at balancing things better.  Since our attempt to be home more often, we have actually done really well with it, and I really think it has made a difference in our girls (and mommy). 

I will be uploading new pictures soon.  All of our pictures are really dated. 

Until next time...Angela (and family)